Sometimes Life Changes in a Year

About a year ago, this journey has started.

About a year ago, I packed my backpack for the first time ever. I’ve never been traveling with a backpack before. Until a year ago.
I expected the following time to change me, but never expected how much it actually would change me. I never expected to come back with my own horse. I never expected to actually become a backpacker – more or less at least. I never expected me, the shy, silent girl, who enjoys having some free time just for herself, to love couchsurfing.

And I couldn’t imagine to actually start studying. One of the main reasons I decided to take a gap year. When I took that decision, I had no clue about how I would spend the next year. To travel was definitely on my to do list, but where to? And how can I actually travel, with barely any money?

Instead of simply deciding, I started to work more to earn at least a little bit of a future travel budget.

Suddenly there was this Facebook Post.

On the 14th of August, I kinda changed my life.
I never planned on doing so, but I definitely did.

A month later I was in the train, the beginning of an open-end travel through Germany. Doing what I love most, working with people and their horses. After not even three weeks I had to come back home again, mostly for appointments I made before I came up with the idea of traveling. In those two weeks in Hamburg, I did not only speak for the first time with the breeder of Nashwan, convinced other family members to join me for a trip to Bayreuth and maybe have a look at a horse, which I might buy, but also learned a lot about myself. Friends I just got to know came to visit me, for inspiring talks, lessons with the horses and to come with me to Nashwan.

The two weeks I planned on spending in Hamburg, have been interrupted by spending hours in the car to drive to southern Germany and back. But also for a few hours with Nashwan. At that point I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know yet, how I would actually be able to buy a horse knowing that my parents wouldn’t support it at all. But I did know, that it will happen. With pure trust I started my journey again. Tessie and me spent the next weeks all over Germany. It was a journey to myself, on a way I thought I would never be able to top. Little did I know, what I would do only a year later…

We wouldn’t spent more than 1-2 nights in one place, didn’t plan further than the next 3 days. I started to love the minimalism and having nothing more than my backpack.

In three months, Tessie and I visited school again with a dear friend.

In November I jumped into a lake while it was raining and got out with one sentence:

Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone!

Suddenly I was sitting in the front of a little carriage and drove it, for the first time of my life.

We spent a few days at Nashwans home, getting to know each other and realizing that I would fulfill my biggest childhood dream in near future.

I learned to trust my instincts, to trust myself. And I learned that everything happens for a reason. There are unlimited possibilities, sometimes you just have to wait and trust a little longer before you will be able to see them.

On the 19th of November, Tessie and me got picked up in Bayreuth at the train station, together with  Louisa. The next morning the adventure as a horse owner would start. After months of traveling I came back home that evening. Coming home feels weird sometimes, settling down is hard. But it was the right moment to pause the time of traveling and give myself the rest I needed.

The next months weren’t that spectacular. Nashwan and me became closer and I worked a lot to pay him off – the not so funny, expensive part about horses…

In January I decided to apply to university. For the fall semester, in Groningen to do my bachelor in psychology. And that’s where I am right now and why I suddenly decided to switch the language.

Tessie, Nashwan and me now live close to Groningen in the Netherlands. I hope to continue teaching here as well. Also knowing there are a few people curious about my little adventures I try to combine with the life as a student.

You can find the post to our hiking experience here – as soon as it’s published

I did not move here with Tessie. We are ausgewandert. A once in a lifetime experience, I’ll write about in near future.

While I’m studying for my first exam, I try to keep you a little updated on my Instagram. But this won’t be the last blogpost for another 9 months, don’t worry!

I really hope, you’ll join our journey!

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